Welcome to AMF Transcription Services, formerly known as AMF Reporting Services


We perform transcriptions of all media files, disks, cassette tapes, whatever form your audio is in. We put the time in to get the best quality transcript possible. You are only charged per page, not per hour.

NYS Unified Court System Vendor

AMF is on the list of approved transcriptionists for all audio recording courts in New York State. You have quite a few vendors to choose from. 

So why should you choose AMF?  

* 30 + years experience

* Competitive pricing

* Quick electronic turnaround of your audio without expedited fees

* Accurate and reliable transcription

* Credit card or PayPal accepted

Client Testimonial

Just read what some of our clients have to say about our work: 

"I can strongly recommend Theresa Ardia and AMF Transcriptions for her swift and accurate transcription of court proceedings.  I have been completely satisfied with her work.  While I am notorious for my too-soft voice, which can sometimes be difficult to hear when transcribing an audio recording, Theresa's transcripts contain very few "inaudible" references.  She clearly puts in the extra effort to listen and understand."

-Ellen Ross, Esquire 

Client Testimonial

“AMF Reporting has been a boon to my practice.  The work is accurate, timely and reasonably priced.  They are flexible, professional and reliable.   They go the extra mile to ensure that I have what I need to do a good job for my clients.  I won't be using anyone else. Their services have made a positive impact on my ability to do my job.  I needed a very important conversation about an Order transcribed quickly and Teri accommodated that. The Judge was so impressed I had done that...and happy not to have to go round and round with everyone saying what they "heard" on the tape." - Dr. Karen L. Kimball, Esq.

Client Testimonial

“Teri, I want you to know that I am very thankful for the day that another Court Reporter gave me your name.  The prompt and courteous rendering of transcription services by you and AMF Reporting Services, Inc. has helped me immensely in pursuing an appeal.” 

-John M. Leonardson, Attorney at Law


For 5-8 business day delivery, the rate is $4.75 per page. This gives you a certified PDF copy along with the original certified copy that goes directly to the Court from the transcriptionist. 

To get an idea of how much your transcription will cost, here is a guideline to use.

This is a rough but reliable estimate: 

60 minutes of proceedings = approx. 50 pages; roughly $237.50

30 minutes of proceedings = approx. 25 pages; roughly $118.75

15 minutes of proceedings = approx. 13 pages; roughly $61.75 

Now that you've decided to use AMF as your vendor, you must do the following: 

1. Contact the Court where your audio resides and let them know you have chosen AMF.

2. Fill out all required fields of the transcription request form below which will automatically alert us to your request and give us the pertinent information to follow up with you once we receive the audio from the Court.